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Committed to the research and development and production of special paper-making fabric and industrial filter cloth
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Creating Excellent Products with Professional Production Equipment
Experts from the Ministry of Science and Technology went to Taihe to do research
Experts from the Ministry...
On February 27th, An Daochang, Secretary General of China Technology Entrepreneurship Association, and Jin Xueqi, Director of the...
Overview of 3 exhibitions TPY had participated in Finland and Germany
Overview of 3 exhibitions
2018 Helsinki PulpPaper Finnish International Pulp and Paper Exhibition The Helsinki International Pulp Exhibition is held...
TPY advanced equipment brings high efficiency and high quality
TPY advanced equipment br
In order to meet the upgrading and development of top 100 paper-making enterprises at home and abroad, TPY has introduced intelligent pro...
New environmentally friendly finalizer escorts high-speed paper-making network
New environmentally frien...
In 2018, Anhui Pacific Special Networks began to introduce hot-air needle-plate finalizer manufactured by Norwegian AG and German JGER. I...
New looms open up new horizons
New looms open up new hor
In 2017, the president of the German company Jürgens returned to visit three German Jürgens weaving machines and highly praised t...
    • Raw material
    • Weaving
    • Heat-setting
    • Seaming
    • Final Inspection and Analysis
    • Technical Services
    • Controlling in Laboratory

    Industrial fabric Product Innovation and Material Quality Control

    The company innovates products from the use of new raw materials, the application of new finishing technologies and the development of composite materials.

    Continuous updating and upgrading of advanced looms to achieve technological leadership

    TAIPINGYANG has 9 loom machines ranging in width from 10.5 m to 14.5 m, imported from German and Sweden. It has more than ten years of experience in R&D and production of paper-making and industrial fabrics. It's technology has reached the international advanced level in the same industry.

    High Strength, High Precision and Digital Shaping Machine Guarantees High Shaping Quality of Various Nets

    TAIPINGYANG has modern advanced heat-setting machine made by the manufacturer of German, Norway, and China. According to different tensile tension requirements, the products are delivered to different heat setting machines to ensure the stability of the products and meet the customer's needs.

    Fully automatic forming seaming machine, Patented self-made semi-automatic seaming machine

    5sets SC-5 automatic seaming machines are produced from WIS in Switzerland, used for the endless seam processing of forming fabric. 23 sets of self-made patented semi-automatic seaming machines are used for the endless seam processing and interface seam processing of dryer fabric, pulp board forming fabric and industrial press fabric, imported double-wire press machine to achieve high strength steel bayonet of the press fabric.

    Imported testing equipment and on-line monitoring equipment are available.

    It can measure the performance of raw materials, products and products after use, and realize one-stop data control of product development, production and use. It does provide basic guarantee for continuous improvement and innovative research and development of products.

    Professional one-stop intimate service

    The company has established a perfect service system to provide customers with strong technical support. Professional technicians have many years of practical experience in papermaking and products to provide customers with high-quality professional pre-sale, sale and after-sale services.

    Product development, production monitoring and product analysis

    The company has a provincial enterprise technology center, equipped with imported tension meter, MTS tension machine, FX3360 portable breathability tester, FIBERSCAN online water filter tester and other monitoring and measurement equipment, to achieve monofilament testing, process quality control, product analysis, paper machine online and offline services.