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Top production equipment at home and abroad

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TPY has:  

6 looms with a width of 10-15 meters which all imported from Jürgens and JÄGER,Germany;

3 looms with a width of 10-14 meters which imported from Texo, Swedish;

1 German JÄGER hot oil setting machine with a width of 10.5 meters,

2 hot air setting machines with a width of 14.5 meters;

5 Austrian WIS SC-5 automatic seaming machines;

10 Dornier filter cloth weaving machines.

15 self-developed automatic seaming machines for the production of high-strength dryer fabric with flat yarn;

2 seam flattening unit;

5 edge sealing machine(PP Extruder)

All of those equipments are advanced in China.

Besides, all kinds of imported testing equipment and on-line monitoring equipment of paper machine are available, which can effectively ensure the adaptability and stability of the products.