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Overview of 3 exhibitions TPY had participated in Finland and Germany

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2018 Helsinki PulpPaper Finnish International Pulp and Paper Exhibition

The Helsinki International Pulp Exhibition is held every four years. TPY is led by Liu Keke and went to Finland on May 28th. On the 29th, booth had been arranged in the exhibition hall, and the exhibition had last from May 30 to June 1.

At the exhibition, TPI prepared 22 samples and introductions, and the merchants showed great interest in the company's sewage treatment filter cloth and press filter cloth samples. Through communication with merchants at the exhibition and introduction of multi-layer filter cloth, TPY enables the world's peers to recognize the diversification and high-end of China's technology development and products, and also enhance the company's popularity among the world's peers and customers. The company has met many dealers and post-processing manufacturers at the exhibition, which is beneficial to the company to further enter the international market.

ACHEMA International Exhibition, Germany

From June 11 to 15, 2018, the German ACHEMA exhibition was officially opened. The ACHEMA exhibition is ten times larger than the Helsinki exhibition in Finland. The number of exhibitors is large, with customers from Russia, the United States, Brazil, Austria, India, Indonesia, Israel, Argentina, Taiwan and other parts of the world. TPY participated in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, customers from Argentina expressed strong interest in TPY's paper-making SSB forming fabric; customers from Norway, India, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Israel, the United Kingdom, Finland, Russia, Iran, Italy and other countries consulted and inquired TPY’s filter cloth; customers in Romania, the UK and Russia showed great interest in environmentally friendly desulfurization fabrics and press fabric.

ZELLCHEMING-Expo Paper Exhibition, Germany

On June 26-28, the ZELLCHEMING-Expo paper exhibition in Germany officially started. TPY is the only Chinese company to participate in this paper exhibition for two consecutive years.

The participation in the German paper exhibition has many achievements: 1. Collecting a lot of customer information from the exhibition; 2. Recognizing the technical level and product types of the world peers; 3. Having more understanding with customers, some customers have cooperation intentions; 4. Showing the world's peers the rapid development of China's paper-making fabric.

After the international exhibitions in Finland and Germany, international customers are still interested in TPY. The inquiry and cooperation between the company and the customer are communicated on the Internet.The exhibition has become a link between countries and countries, it opens a door for Chinese companies to go to the world.