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New looms open up new horizons

Create_time:2019-06-12 Views:374

In 2017, the president of the German company Jürgens returned to visit three German Jürgens weaving machines and highly praised the use of the equipment. Among them, the operating rate of the forming fabric machine No. 5 loom is over 90%, and the on-duty operating rate is 98%.

After many friendly discussions, TPY once again purchased 2 sets of German Jürgens weaving machines, and then signed a contract to purchase the latest BK880 rapier looms from Germany JÄGER. In 2018, it signed a contract with Texo to purchase a TMR6000 rapier looms.

According to the work plan, in mid-September 2018, TPY will complete the installation and commission of four new looms, and strive to start production in October.

It is reported that the new looms are mainly used for the production of forming fabrics and special fabrics of TPY. After the production, the annual output of the paper-making fabric can reach 1 million square meters, which will not only further improve the quality of the company's forming fabric, but also provide equipment guarantee for the company's products to supply paper machines with a speed of 1500m/min.