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New environmentally friendly finalizer escorts high-speed paper-making network

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In 2018, Anhui Pacific Special Networks began to introduce hot-air needle-plate finalizer manufactured by Norwegian AG and German JGER. It is reported that the finalizer uses natural gas heating mode, which can meet the production requirements of paper-making network with a width of 11 meters, up to 150 meters at the longest time. The new stereotyping machine is mainly used in the research, development, trial-manufacture and production of forming and special nets. It will further stabilize and improve the quality of forming nets and inject new vitality into the development of Pacific special nets industry.

Norwegian AG and Pacific Special Network Engineers Debug the Shaping Machine

Operating stereotypes, January 2019

Side View of Shaping Machine Processed by Norwegian AG and German JGER

Pictured above is the new stereotyping machine starting the experimental stereotyping of SSB5616F mesh forming network. The 64 series mesh forming network finalized by this equipment will meet the requirements of the crescent high-speed toilet paper machine.

Taipingyang special net industry keeps pace with the international development of domestic large-scale paper mills. With advanced equipment and first-class products, it strives to contribute to the efforts of domestic paper mills in the international market.

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