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TPY advanced equipment brings high efficiency and high quality

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In order to meet the upgrading and development of top 100 paper-making enterprises at home and abroad, TPY has introduced intelligent production line equipment of advanced technology from 2018, including warping machines, weaving machines, setting machines and fully automatic seaming machines, while strengthening the owned equipment’s development and research.

Germany KARL MAYER Pilot scale experiment equipment can realize the ultra-flat requirements of the warping discs of the dryer fabric and the press fabric. For forming fabric warping discs, it can ensure that the warp tension error of each warp is not more than 10%, and each warping disc is flat and the outer diameter is the same; The equipment can realize the intelligent control of the warping of each monofilament, the dataization and visualization of each warping disc. The speed of warping can be increased by 6 times, greatly improving the production efficiency and quality of warping.

(Fig. 1 German KARL MAYER warping machine)

Newly introduced 1 German JÄGER latest BK880 rapier loom, 2 Germany JüRGENS heavy rapier looms JR-2500 , which can be used for product development, trial production and production. Calculated from the width, start-up speed and operating rate of the equipment, the newly added production capacity is 2.9 times of the original production capacity, the production efficiency is obviously improved; the stability of the equipment is improved, and the SSB65 and SSB70 series forming fabrics with higher and finer warp and weft density can be produced. The equipment meets the requirements of the modern high-speed crescent former machine.

(Fig. 2 The advanced loom is put into operation, and the efficiency is increased by 2.9 times.)

The newly introduced Norwegian AG and German JÄGER co-processed the environmentally friendly hot air needle plate heat setting machine, which can realize intelligent full-automatic operation.The first setting efficiency can be increased by 2.1 times. The equipment can be used for various high-end paper-making multi-layer fabrics, and the quality of the setting is up to the domestic and international advanced level.

(Fig. 3 The work of a new environmental friendly heat setting machine)

The self-made patented semi-automatic seaming machines are installed in a workshop to realize the centralized seaming of the rough wire fabrics, such as paper-making dryer fabric, pulp board forming fabric, press fabric, etc., which is convenient for centralized maintenance and repair.

(Fig. 4 The work shop site of patented self-made semi-automatic seaming machine work shop site.)

TPY develops and produces first-class paper-making fabrics and industrial filter cloth with advanced equipment and innovative spirit, and follows the domestic upgrading and international expansion of domestic top 100 paper-making enterprises with high quality and high efficiency.

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