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Anhui Taipingyang Special Fabrics Co., Ltd was established in August 13, 2003 with a registered capital of 116.78 million RMB.

The company is equipped with the most advanced loom machine: four 10-13 meters wide German Jürgen looms, three 8-12.5 meters Swedish TEXO looms, one 10.5 meters wide German Jaeger hot oil setting machine, one 12.5meters wide hot air setting machine, two Austrian WIS automatic seaming machine, ten Neil cloth weaving machines, eight high-strength flat silk dry fabrics automatic seaming machines by self-research , one interface ring squeezer of dryer fabrics, five glue application for edge, and many different kinds of imported testing equipment. Consequently, the company has a powerful guarantee for adaptability and stability of the products.

Our company is committed to the R&D and production of high-end paper-making fabrics, technology has reached the international advanced level in the same industry. The monofilaments are imported from the German Nextrusion Company and PERLON Company, in addition, the accessory are all imported. Therefore, the advanced production equipment, advanced testing equipment and superior monofilaments guarantee the superior quality and stability of products. For example, in China the dryer fabrics’ life lasts 20 months in the newsprint paper machine which has a speed of 1600 m/min. Our company is the only one to be able to produce less than 90 CFM air permeability of flat silk dryer fabrics in China.

Anhui Taipingyang Special Fabrics Co., Ltd will wholeheartedly provide high quality products and services to the customers。

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