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Anhui Taipingyang Special Fabric Co., Ltd. was established in August 2003 with a registered capital of 116.78 million yuan. It is located in Industrial Park, Chengguan Town, Taihe, Fuyang City, Anhui, China. It is a high-tech enterprise, a provincial safety culture construction demonstration enterprise, a member of the Industrial Textiles Association and has a provincial-certified enterprise technology center.

TPY has advanced equipment includes: 2 warping machines imported from Sweden and Germany; 9 loom machines are 10.5 m-14.5 m wide and imported from TEXO Sweden, Jürgens Germany and JÄGER Germany; 2 heat setting machines imported from Germany JÄGER and Norway AG; 5sets SC-5 automatic seaming machines are produced from WIS Switzerland, 23 sets of self-made patented semi-automatic seaming machines; 5 sets of self-made patented seam calendaring unit. TPY has a complete set of imported monitoring and measuring instruments to realize the full range of data-oriented services from design to use, instrument includes 4 German monofilament tension meters, 2 sets of raw material thermal performance testers, 2 FX3360 breathable meters, 1 MTS tensile machine, 3 customers online offline temperature, humidity and moisture tester and so on. TPY uses a professional technical team and professional monitoring and measuring instruments to realize professional technology and product services.

The company specializes in the production of polyester forming fabric, dryer fabric and industrial filter fabric, which are widely used in various paper-making, chemical, power generation, coal washing, environmental protection, food, construction and other industries. Both DRI with high-speed,high-strength and dryer fabric with High-strength, small CFM are rank first in the domestic market. The market for forming fabrics is ranked in the top three in China. The overall rating of the industrial press fabric ranks second in the domestic market. TPY  has advanced equipment and can process foreign special industrial filter cloth.

TPY has a professional technical innovation team. More than 20 senior technicians have rich experience in the product development and production experience in international and domestic well-known fabric and filter companies. TPY has 7 national invention patents and 6 utility models patents. The paper-making dryer fabric from TPY has a life of more than 12 months at 1800 m/min high-speed paper-making machine, and has begun to replace international products; The paper forming fabric from TPY competes with international products on a 1300 m/min wrapping machine.

The company employs Finnish foreign expert KARI ANTERO SALONEN as the leader in the production and R&D of the company's new products.

The company is people-oriented, pursuing excellence, seeking development through innovation, winning the market by quality, and continuing healthy development. With the development concept of honesty and trustworthiness, equal cooperation and self-confidence, the company continuously meets and exceeds the needs of customers in equipment, product research and development, and customer service.