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Industry fabrics

Desulfurization filter cloth

Introduction: heat-engine plant horizontal belt vacuum filtering machine, it is used for desulfurization in the wet limestone gypsum dehydration

The characteristic of Taipingyang's Desulfurization filter cloth: 

1、The monofilament come from The German company, caliper of seaming import French company, glue imported from German

2、rational structum、smooth surface、high strength、good filtering and without vacuum release、 high efficient、low energy consumption、 etc.

    Desulfurization of the grinding face                  Desulfurization of the positive layer

A、feeding device  B、washing device  C、filter cloth  D、friction belt

E、washing equipment  F、rubber belt  G、position correcting device

H、filtrate device  I、switching valve  J、automatic drain separator

K、washer pump  L、vacuum pump