Taipingyang History

Date:2022-08-30 Cisits:1234

1988 Established Taihe Filter Fabric Factory to produce industrial filter cloth

2000 Won the famous trademark of Anhui Province

2002 Won the title of Star Enterprise in Anhui Province

2003 Name changed to Anhui Taipingyang Special Fabric Co., Ltd.

2013 Won the famous new small and medium-sized enterprise in Anhui

2014 High-tech product: DRI-150 high-strength flat dryer fabric

2014 High-tech product: SSB-5616 fine forming fabric

2014 First time to won National high and new technology enterprise

2015 Tax-paying Advanced Enterprise in Taihe County

2015 Established the provincial recognized enterprise technology center

2017 Council Member of National Industrial Textile Association

2017 Won safety and culture construction enterprise

2017 Second time to won National high and new technology enterprise
2019 Certified by the Paper Textile Branch of China Industrial Textile Industry Association,
         TPY's product sales rank No.1 in China
2019 The products certified by the Dewatering Equipment Professional Committee of China
         Paper Society have good effects on 1800m/min paper machines.
2020 Listed in the catalog of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly products and
         equipment of the Bureau of Economy and Information Technology of Anhui Province

2020 Anhui Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology Introduces Overseas Talents in 2020
2020 Third time to won National high and new technology enterprise

2020 the company was selected as an energy saving and environmental protection high-quality production enterprise

2021 the company became a member of the first council of Anhui Textile Industry Association

2021 the company won the national specialized special new "Little Giant" enterprise certificate

2022 the company passed the review of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises and advantageous enterprises

2022 Anhui textile industry certification Our company in 2022 Anhui industrial textile industry top 10 enterprises