Third batch of Chinese “Little giant”

Date:2022-09-26 Cisits:734

Information from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, economy and Information Technology the people’s Republic of China.

Anhui TAIPINGYANG Special Fabric Co., Ltd was identified as third batch of Chinese “Little giant”. It is recognition of the company’s progress thus far and motivates all associates to continue to act in the present while thinking about the future.

In this case, the dryer fabric was meeting requirements papermaking machines. Speed up to develop and production patented SSB of forming fabric, and actively put on the market. Though market tested, now succeed in package paper machine, speed at 1450m/min, and succeed in Crescent tissue machine speed at 1600m/min.

Our company will continue “customer supreme Quality first” Our best to help customers to improve their profits continuously through the ways of technological innovation and customers-supported service.