Enter the Vietnam Paper Exhibition in 2023

Date:2023-09-18 Cisits:403

We, Anhui Taipingyang Special Fabric Co., Ltd, has not stopped the pace of upgrading, upgrading equipment, hammering process, customer-oriented. We know the development of the industry and the market, and try our best to follow them and continue to develop, do a good job of paper fabric design and control.


Picture 1: The scene of the 2023 Vietnam Paper Exhibition

Twenty years of industry experience, internal control during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the upgrading of new projects, relying on accurate digital equipment, carrying standardized and cost-effective filters, our company went abroad and enter the Vietnam Paper Exhibition in 2023, and move towards a broad market in the world.


You can learn about our warping machines, looms, heat setting machines and seaming machines arriving from Europe in 2022. You are welcome to talk about our self-developed pressure seam machine, seaming machines and measuring instruments to improve quality. You can also talk about customer successful case. Looking forward to our efforts and struggle can be kept pace with the development of every customer in the industry.