Filter Fabric

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Application area:

Taipingyang can provide customers in the industrial field with dust bag filter, centrifugal filter cloth, filter press cloth, disc
filter bag, leaf filter bag, vertical disc filter, drum filter bag,
vacuum filter belt, etc. With extremely rich industry knowledge and experience, it can provide users with the best solutions for various filtration problems.



ØLaser cutting machine cuts, stable size, easy to install 
ØThe fabric has good strength, customized production
   according to different working conditions, and chemical
ØThe product has high self-cleaning performance 
ØHigh filtration efficiency, high dryness of the filter cake,
   and the filter cake is easy to peel off


Filter cloth selection:

ØAccording to the chemical nature and particle diameter,
   we will choose the suitable filter fabric for customer   

Filter cloth processing:  

ØIn order to provide the best quality and service, we will
   supply the best filter fabric according to requirements
   of customer's need.


Filter fabric of make a solution:

ØThrough our professional equipment, customized size
   materials can be provided.
ØWe always respond to the changing needs of customers,
   constantly communicate with customers, and add value to
   customers' operations through customized solutions and
   innovative products.
ØOur experienced and well-trained technical service
   engineers cooperate in-depth with customers, share their
   knowledge happily, and make engineering solutions.